Song Description:
Up All Night is a song that many people can relate to, because it’s based on the idea that you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. You have to put in the work at both ends (night and day) if you want to succeed. The song is upbeat and feel good because that’s Nick Classic’s style.

This is a feel good hip hop track with pop influences. Nick Classic takes you back to a time where it was about having fun, dancing and being creative through all the elements of hip hop. This Summertime jam has LA production and DC lyrics. Nick Classic is in a different lane when it comes to his music. Music is all about how it makes you feel and he try to move you every time you listen to his tracks.

Making The Track:
This song was a journey.  It started with a few bars in a cypher out in Los Angeles.  Then conceptualized and molded at the MightyHip Studios.  Working with musical producer Ian Canefire and the talented vocalist Mendi, helped to bring this song to life. The song was recorded at Omega Studios in Maryland with a well known music engineer Cephas Jackson.

Nick can be quoted as saying “Just because I rap, don’t put me in a box. I just think rapping is the most intelligent form of song writing there is and that’s why I do it.”