Her Choice (Single)

Title : Golden Era
Release Date : December 26, 2013
Catalog ref. : 884501942911
Format : CD

Nick Classic is featured on the Golden Era Hip Hop album by Solrac and DJ Push Play. The album also features Rakaa Iriscience, Wordsworth, J-Live, Moka Only, John Robinson, Himself, Kev Brown, Mr. Lif, Aceyalone and Sunspot Jonz. Check out Her Choice now and get a glimpse of a typical LA night.

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Solrac Tracks & DJ Push Play present the playlist

1. Awoken (feat. Rated)

2.  Raw Rap Syndrome (feat. John Robinson)

3. Golden Era (feat. Myka 9, Moka Only)

4. Pictures Beautiful (feat. Substantial, Bisco Smith)

5. Invasion (feat. Rakaa Iriscience, Wordsworth)

6. Love Story (feat. Prince Po, The Roze)

7. Bounce

8. One Moment (feat. Sober Sobey)

9. Rap Specialist (feat. J-Live, Copywrite)

10.  F**k You (feat. Himself)

11. Daily Bread (feat. Tabernacle MCz)

12. Who They Are (feat. Future 5000, Bunzy)

13. Get It Right (feat. Kev Brown, Mr. Lif, The Roze)

14. What I Found (feat. Kruse, Very)

15. They Wanted Us (feat. Myka 9, Moka Only)

16. Her Choice (feat. Nick Classic)

17. Social Drinker (feat. Himself, Aceyalone)

18. Lemon Head Clementine (feat. Sunspot Jonz)

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